Paragon of Hospitality in the Desert Country


MANVĀR Shergarh

As with the name, the architecture too is inspired by indigenous wisdom. Styled to reflect the traditional villages of the desert, MANVĀR Shergarh borrows generously from the sustainable practices of the land and generously gives back supporting villages and communities around by gainful employment and partnerships transforming into a green oasis, not just for travellers from far but for children of the desert too.

A pond in a luxury resort near Jodhpur

An oasis amidst the Desert

MANVĀR Shergarh, the epitome of hospitality in spirit and by name, creates the much-needed relief of verdancy with its surreal oasis in the midst of a desert. At MANVĀR Shergarh, flowering trees shade the dense and curated garden complete with lily ponds and pathways, for a moment creating an illusion of being elsewhere until you come to Anandgram, the cottages styled on traditional houses of deserts of Jodhpur.

For an authentic stay

Enjoy the rusticness of our earth cottages that have been inspired by the local desert Dhanis, the traditional Rajasthani huts common in these parts. Complete with thatched roofs and the structure made of red stone, bespeckled with mosaic flooring. Only traditional furniture in each room; from the chairs to the rugs to the tables, all hand picked and curated for an authentic experience of the Desert country.
A room in a luxury resort near Jodhpur

Inspired Living

The simple luxury suffused in every last thing at MANVĀR owes a debt of gratitude to the artistic ancestors of this magical land. Traditional, handcrafted lounge chairs with motifs inspired by classic designs that adorn many palaces across Rajasthan.

At MANVĀR, our persistent attempt is to bring the art and handicraft legacy into the ambience of our resort and camps, not just as a curious display, but as an experiential luxury, be it the aesthetically hand-carved waste bin or the exquisitely hand-stitched traditional jooties or footwear for your comfort. This not only helps us attain exacting standards of hospitality set forth for ourselves but also engage the community meaningfully and gainfully.

A chair in a luxury resort near Jodhpur


From the moment you enter our courtyard, you’ll be greeted with a spacious and friendly dining ground, where our open-air dining with the best of Rajasthani cuisine will make you want to spend the entire night feasting. 
A restaurant in a luxury desert resort near Jodhpur

Recreational Facilities such as Carom, Chess, Badminton, Camel Ride, Jeep Safaris

Wi-fi in Public Areas.

Airconditioned Bedrooms

In-room Safe or Deposit Locker

24 hrs hot & cold water in room

Walk-in Restaurant and Open Bar

Conscious Luxury


Crafting an oasis in the midst of a desert is an act of terraforming. By no means is it a simple task. A mix of indigenous plants and shrubs have to be coupled with species from dry deciduous regions that can co-exist harmoniously without usurping resources of the other. The passion and back-breaking dedication that makes MANVĀR Shergarh an oasis of verdant beauty and culture are palpable in every little thing here.

MANVĀR, a shining beacon of hospitality is a desert destination transformed into an indulgence of conscious luxury to be experienced mindfully.

Camel racing in the Thar desert

The Desert way
of Life


Deer foraging in the Thar desert



A village hut in the Thar desert

The Local


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