An Oasis of rare exclusivity at a desert camp near Jodhpur

The Last Frontier of
The Desert Way Of Life

In a land where almost everything and everyone is in a race to sell a slice of make-believe, prepare yourself for the Thar way of life. Just the way it was centuries ago. 

Miles of Nothingness all to Yourself

Welcome to the great Indian Thar Desert in magical Rajasthan. A truly luxurious and memorable experience, far removed from the chaos of the modern world. 


A blackbuck running through the desert in Jodhpur

Where the Outdoors Breathe Indoor
& Time Stands Still

For a traveller honest to his road, the journey is the destination.
And what better than a quaint place along the way that makes you feel at home,
and not at a hotel?

A Desert Camp Near Jodhpur

Luxury & Comfort Reminiscent of the
Old-world Charm

Stretch out and unwind in the warmth of well-appointed tents that offer creature-comforts fit for royalty.

Geography of MANVĀR

MANVĀR's idyllic resort, desert camp, palatial luxury camp and exotic private camp are ideally located at the trifecta of Rajasthan's oldest cities. 110km from the fortress city of Jodhpur, 170km from the Golden city, Jaisalmer and 200km from the princely town of Bikaner with excellent roads and airports connecting to major Indian cities.

Khiyasariya, Rajasthan, India
An Outdoors Dining Section Near A Field

The Spirit of the Land

MANVĀR consists of two distinct zones. MANVĀR Resort that lies adjacent to Sagat Farms, a landmark agricultural hub of the region owing to a constant supply of fresh groundwater. A short drive of 7km takes us to the private desert and shrub land conservation project, MANVĀR Reserve, hosting the Desert, Luxury and Private Camps one with the pristine desert showcasing an authentic experience of the land.

A Desert Camp Near Jodhpur



A Desert Camp Near Jodhpur



A Luxury Resort Near Jodhpur


MANVĀR Shergarh


Lunch at Manvar Resort-Desert Safari rajasthan

Things to do in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan, is known for its majestic forts, vibrant bazaars, and mouth-watering cuisine. It is a city that offers a blend of history, culture, and culinary delights.

Jeep Safari at Manvar-Desert Safari rajasthan

Jaisalmer Fort- The Living Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan, in the city of Jaisalmer. It is thought to be one of the world’s few “living forts”, with roughly one-fourth of the old city’s population still residing within the fort.

Camel Ride in Manvar-Desert Safari rajasthan

Places to Visit in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s second biggest city, is a traveller’s joy, affording a glimpse of the state’s rich cultural history and the legacy left by Marwar monarchs.

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