You are currently viewing Mandore Garden a Fabulous Attraction in Jodhpur

Mandore Garden a Fabulous Attraction in Jodhpur

Mandore Garden a Fabulous Attraction in Jodhpur

The Mandore gardens with its masterpiece collection of temples and memorials and its high rock terrace is another major tourist attraction. Chhatris for several of the kings who formerly ruled from here are also housed here.

Due to their umbrella-like architecture, these memorials are unlike any others you’ll see in Rajasthan. They were built by taking inspiration from Hindu temple architecture. These four-story red sandstone buildings feature spectacular spires well-defined columns, and four-story heights. The Dewal of Maharaja Ajit Singh is the greatest. The vibrant hues of this lush garden and the buildings made of red sandstone that are tucked away on a hill outcrop will calm your eyes.

About Mandore

Mandore is a well-known tourist destination in Rajasthan and is a historic town to the north of Jodhpur. The fabled truth that Ravana, the demon king, got married in the town helps explain the significance of the location. A shrine dedicated to Ravana is located here as evidence of this incident. This was constructed at Mandodari, Ravan’s wife’s hometown. Mandore was the Marwar princely realm till 1459 AD (Jodhpur State). Eventually, a Rathore leader named Rao Jodha moved the capital to the newly discovered city of Jodhpur. You can visit these beautiful places while you are at the Manvār Desert camp.

What they entail

As you walk inside the Mandore gardens of Jodhpur, you will feel you have stepped into a different world. Because the first thing that will greet you is the enormous expanse of greens and the unexpected tranquillity. The Cenotaphs are accessible via the interior road. The cenotaphs in the renowned Mandore garden in Jodhpur, Rajasthan are constructed in the style of a Hindu temple rather than the customary chhatri-shaped cenotaphs typical of Rajasthan.

They have a spire, beautiful columns, and four stories, all made of red sandstone. Maharaja Ajit Singh’s Dewal is the most spectacular. These cenotaphs are located in stunningly designed gardens. On a rocky outcrop above the hill are the cenotaphs of the Maharani.


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Hall of Heroes

Mandore Gardens is home to the Hall of Heroes. The hall honours several gods and Rajput folk heroes. The statues of the gods and heroes are made of rock and are decorated with vibrant colours. One can also find beautifully curved pillars and structures of lord Krishna and the Gopi

Temple of Three Hundred Million Gods
Along with that. Mandore Garden is home to a sizable Hindu temple that features gorgeously painted statues of numerous Hindu deities. The “Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods” at Jodhpur’s Mandore Gardens is a collection of colourful statues honouring various Hindu deities. Also, there are colourful illustrations that show off the period’s brilliant artists. You reach the old palace and the destroyed city of Mandore as you ascend the hill.

Government Museum

Another attraction at Mandore Gardens is the Government Museum. This museum showcases ancient artefacts and remnants from this area. About all of the items and artefacts discovered in this area are preserved in this museum. Thus, you must go to the Government Museum to experience the history that dates back to the sixth century.

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