A unique Safari in Jodhpur

Tourists flock to Rajasthan, the “country of Maharajas,” to experience the state’s opulent history and culture. Whether it’s the state’s grand palaces or the nearby Thar Desert, Rajasthan has something unique to offer the tourism industry in India. Tourists are drawn to the area’s rich cultural heritage, historical sites, delicious cuisine, and beautiful vistas.


Bishnoi Village, with its environmentally conscious inhabitants, is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. People from all around the globe are gathering at numerous summits to protect the natural environment. The ethical principles for environmental protection are presented in Bishnoi Village.


Brief Description of the Bishnoi Village Safari

Discover the historical significance of Bishnoi Village, located in the middle of Jodhpur. The Bishnoi Village Safari is a great way to learn more about the locals and their way of life. You can use people’s normal means of making a living to draw a picture of a village’s layout. The safari features a wide variety of distinct areas, each of which offers a unique experience.


Some Background on Bishnoi Village


The Bishnoi Village neighbourhood was founded by Guru Jambheshwar. Bishnoi Village was first inhabited in 1451. The main reason for its creation was to recover from the local Hindu and Muslim invaders’ fight. Guru Jambheshwar established a set of 29 guidelines for his followers to follow. Protecting the local fauna and flora was a top priority.


The Khejarali Massacre is a pivotal event that takes place in the Bishnoi Village. 363 persons lost their lives as a direct result of the tragedy.


Places to visit in the Bishnoi Village Safari Tour


Shepherds Village- a community dedicated to the shepherding way of life, as the name suggests. The dwelling takes its cues from the traditional way of living, which makes use of domestic animals like goats and camels The town, removed from the chaos of the city and unspoiled by technology, is a picture of perfect peace and tranquillity.


Gudha Village – In one case, Gudha Village enables you to observe the wildlife scenario and communicate with the Bishnoi families. Gudha village is home to a wide variety of creatures, from a wide variety of wild animals to a wide variety of desert animals. A section of the road may be frequented by wild animals on that particular trip.


Weavers Village – the spot

to go souvenir shopping if you want your trip to be unforgettable. This place is known as the “land of magic carpets” because the locals go out of their way to fulfil their customers’ every need. Durry (rugs) are an excellent example of the traditional weaving technique used in Rajasthan because of the connotation of the cloth.


The Potters Village- is another retail outlet catering to tourists in search of mementoes. The village is where you may see the potter at work in real-time.
You shouldn’t leave without visiting Kankani Village, also known as the Block Printer’s Village. There is a famous handprint art installation there made out of materials.

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Lesser known facts of Bishnoi Community

It is against the law to cut down trees, thus the Bishnoi community cannot bury the body. The body is then cremated in this manner.
It is acceptable for religious purposes for members of the Bishnoi group to grow opium.
When someone breaks the law or causes damage to the environment, members of the Bishnoi community tend to react aggressively.


When to Go to Bishnoi Village Safari?


The greatest time to go is during the winter. You should plan your trip for October through the end of March. The peaceful setting, complete with a plethora of migrating birds, is a sight to behold. The summer and monsoon seasons are not good times to visit. When the monsoons hit, it’s nearly impossible to go on a safari or enjoy other outdoor activities. Due to the summer heat and humidity, the tour is unpleasant.


How to reach Bishnoi Village?


The distance between Bishnoi Village and Jodhpur is only 22 kilometres. In between Udaipur and Jodhpur, you’ll find this small settlement. The closest airport is in Jodhpur; from there, a taxi must be hired to get to the destination. Udaipur is the closest airport with international service. Jodhpur is the closest station if you plan to use the train.

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