10 Epic Things to do in Jaisalmer

  1. Jaisalmer Fort


The Jaisalmer Fort is one of the first places you should go when you arrive in Jaisalmer, this is one of the world’s last “living forts,” with over a quarter of the original population still residing here.


The majority of forts in India are heavily guarded and charge an entrance fee, but this one is not. The Jaisalmer Fort is completely free to visit, and it is always open because it is a city within a fort.


Make sure to make your way up for sunrise to get the most spectacular hazy view over the city. If you’re not a morning person, come here for sunset and see for yourself why Jaisalmer is called ‘The Golden City of India.


  1. Lake Gadisar


The Gadisar Lake, also known as the Gadi Sagar Lake, is a man-made reservoir in Jaisalmer that once served as the city’s sole source of water. It was one of the most magical and unique places to see in Jaisalmer. Local fishermen relax near their small boats, and the temples appear to be floating on the water.


The banks of the Lake consist of shrines, temples, ghats, and Chatteris and you can take a boat ride or simply take a leisure walk.


It’s one of the best things to do in the early morning in Jaisalmer!


  1. Temples of the Jain religion


The Diwala-style Jain temples of Jaisalmer were built by Jain hermits during the 12th century and are ancient temples. They are regarded as some of the world’s best and most beautiful Jain temples.


The amount of detail that goes into the architecture of these Jain temples is what you will fall in love with and Beautiful figurines and carvings of people and animals adorn the walls.


Visiting a Jain temple is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities.


  1. Kanoi – Parasailing


A lavish treat for the mind and soul is to fly high above the desert and enjoy an exhilarating bird’s eye view. This thrilling and daring heart parasailing activity is very popular in desert areas and is one of the offbeat things to do in Jaisalmer.


The majority of desert camps organize this activity in response to requests. It is also one of the most enjoyable activities available in Jaiselmer.


  1. Embark on an adventure with paramotoring


For those that like to make their Jaisalmer trip daring and adventurous, paramotoring is one of the must-try adventure activities in Jaisalmer. This motor-powered parasailing allows you to see the golden sand dunes from a great height. 


You can also click on interesting pictures of the surroundings or take a wild selfie. The pilot will accompany you to ensure that the adventure sport is as safe and secure as possible.


  1. Sam Sand Dunes – Quad Biking


Quad Biking is another thrilling activity available in Jaisalmer. Explore the dune topography or take a quad-bike ride around an enclosed circuit. The thrill factor is increased by the dusty whirlpool created by the ATV’s motion. 


Quad biking is one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer when it comes to adventure activities because of the perfect sandy terrain and space.



7. Thar Desert – Dune Bashing


Sandboarding and off-roading are popular activities in the Thar Desert’s sand dunes. Exploring the desert in an SUV is one of the most exciting things to do in Jaisalmer, India. 


A large sports utility vehicle, such as a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Toyota Fortuner 4X4, is used in this adventure sport. Due to the possibility of sharp overturns and competent maneuvering skills, dune bashing, and off-roading are done under the supervision of a professional.


8. Tanot Mata Temple – Indo-Pak Border


One of the most popular things to do in Jaisalmer is to visit the Tanot Mata Temple, which is located on the Indo-Pak border. The Indo-Pak border, which is located near the Tanot Mata Temple, is one of Jaisalmer’s most popular tourist attractions.


With prior permission and permit passes from the Indian Military, travellers can extend their desert safari and visit the Indo-Pak border area.



9. Camel Safari – A Different Adventure

Different places are known for different safaris, and Jaisalmer, the desert city, is known for one of them, the camel safari. A camel safari is one of the most popular activities in Jaisalmer desert camp, Rajasthan. 


The Thar desert, with its endless stretches of golden sand, is a sight to behold. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the desert during a safari, which is one of Jaisalmer’s must-do activities. There are several companies that provide desert safaris.


  1. Experience The Festivities At The Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Desert Festival (Image: https://www.tourmyindia.com)


This is one of Jaisalmer’s most historic events, which has been celebrated for centuries. In modern times, it is celebrated on a much larger scale in February, with the entire desert brimming with festivities.


 Along with the Air Force display, there are a variety of exciting activities to enjoy, such as camel races and polo.

 They put on a variety of entertaining and acrobatic performances, which are followed by other activities. This is one of Jaisalmer’s most lavish events to attend.