Paragliding in Jodhpur | Desert Camp in Jodhpur

As quoted by Theodore Roosevelt ‘the more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.’ So let’s understand the history of the place before getting to know about the present status of the city. The city of Jodhpur was built in 1459 by Rao Jodha, a Rajput chief of the Rathore clan. Jodhpur was historically known as the Kingdom of Marwar and every part of the city is filled with stories of Kings, Queens, and battles. Jodhpur is a perfect day trip from Manvar, our desert camp in Jodhpur.


Jodhpur has many heritage sites, forts, palaces, bazaars, and lakes. If you like a slow vacation, you can stroll through the city. And if you are an adventure lover, Jodhpur offers some amazing sports that are worth trying to challenge the daredevil within. Many adventure sports like Paragliding and Zip Lining are new attractions in the city of Jodhpur.

Paragliding In Jodhpur:
Paragliding is heavily dependent on favourable weather conditions the direction and speed of the wind. The sport is completely safe. Every person will get a personal as well as a professional pilot with experience of a minimum of 12 years. The site is a huge ground with no obstructions about 60 km outside of Jodhpur on an isolated road which is just 1.5 hours drive from Manvar, our desert camp in Jodhpur. The area is remote but is safe with good road accessibility.

The paragliding team is highly professional. The team prepares you for the glide. Starting with putting on a harness, safety checks, and explaining all of the launch instructions. The flight happens on flat land and not by jumping from a height, so understanding the launch is very important. For the launch, you need to run about 50 steps before you are air-born. There is a car that pulls you to keep your launch smooth. The lightest in the group goes first.

The literal meaning of bird’s eye view becomes clear when you can see the land below. You get to see three hamlets in three different directions from above. At the peak of the flight I was 2200 feet above the ground and the feeling is exhilarating. Experiencing weightlessness, the wind on your face, and if you are lucky, your pilot doing somersaults in the air are surreal.

Tips To Keep In Mind For Paragliding In Jodhpur:
Wear comfortable full-length track pants to minimize damage in case of a rough landing and will also reduce exposure to the sun.
Wear a high factor sunscreen.

You have to run before you fly on a barren piece of desert land so it is advisable to wear running or tennis shoes.

There are some amazing adventure sports in Jodhpur that are a must-try.

Zip Lining:
A nerve-wracking adventure activity apart from the culture and history of Jodhpur is ziplining. The exhilarating experience of the sunlit sky jumping over trivial hills and ridges is something delightful and should not be missed if you are travelling to Jodhpur.

The panoramic view of the city of Jodhpur, the Raniser Lake, and Chokelao Garden. There are various locations for the zip lining experience across the city.

Chhota Wallah, 70 meters long
The Chokelao Challenge, 115 meters long
Rajput’s Revenge, 160 meters long
Ranisar Rollercoaster, 170 meters long
Jai Jodha, 270 meters long and
The Magnificent Marwar, 300 meters long

The safety standards are taken care of very seriously for each and every traveller coming to have a memorable experience of Ziplining.

Leopard Safari:
Leopard Safari

Bera in Jodhpur is regarded as the Land of Leopards and is yet to be explored. The Leopard Safari amazes you with an adventurous jeep safari where you get to witness several leopards who stay in groups including males, females, and cubs in a playful mood with their loved ones. You will be accompanied by an experienced and professional guide who would make your journey interesting.

Desert Safari:
Desert Safari

Another thing on the list of adventures in Jodhpur is the desert safari. There is a wide range of wild animals which you can see during the desert safari in Jodhpur such as foxes, spotted blackbucks, nilgai, chinkara, sand grouse, fringe-toed agama eagles, etc. Manvar Desert Camp in Jodhpur offers a chance of desert safari where you get to ride through the dunes of the desert and end the day with a sunset view.