A continuum and culmination at a resort near Jodhpur of a peerless culture and heritage.

The MANVĀR Story

MANVĀR, a word from a local dialect has no simple translation. It means varyingly, hospitality, 'to request', even a delicious feast. It is the essence of the spirit of welcome and warmth of a community known for their hospitality.

A Man at a resort in Jodhpur

The ancient heritage and culture of welcome and warmth.

Moti Singh Rathore hails from an illustrious family in the region. Sentinels of a precious water source, the Sagat Sagar, Moti Singh and his family have served the people here. Inspired by his uncle, Fateh Singh Rathore, known as "Mr Ranthambore," Moti Singh returned to his village in the desert between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. He established MANVĀR Resort and Desert Camp in Thar, guided by conservation principles.

The desert is a natural extension of the
inner silence of the body.
- Jean Baudrillard 

In a land where almost everything and everyone is in a race to sell a slice of make-believe,
prepare yourself for the Thar way of life. Just the way it was centuries ago. 

Herders with their camels in the Thar Desert at Resort in Jodhpur


The gateway to an oasis at the end of the great Thar desert. Khiyansariya, a village in the Shergarh collective, is an unusual, idyllic village in one of the most improbable places on earth. A region unembellished with the regal aura found elsewhere in Rajasthan, the simplicity provides the perfect stage to showcase the subtleties of an ancient civilisation rich in culture and tradition.

women carrying mud at a resort in Jodhpur

The Legacy

Shergarh has a rich and decorated history, with every home and hut contributing a warrior for generations. Also known for carpenters and equestrian trainers, Shergarh is an oasis of artisanal talent. Exploring the land, its people and their choices make for a great voyage amidst the sea of sand, setting out from MANVĀR, desert camps and resorts in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer.

A man praying at a resort in jodhpur

The People

Human ingenuity triumphs on the barren sand dunes of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Many communities, each distinct, exist here in reverence to this unforgiving land. Bishnois who guard flora and fauna with their own lives, Rajputs the quintessential warriors, Marwaris the perfect merchants, Bhil tribals with their mastery over archery and art, and many more create an anthropological oasis that has been the muse and recluse of many a tired traveller.

Dancers at a resort in Jodhpur

The Culture

Rajasthan is home to innumerable communities, each unique yet coexisting. Traditionally separated along the lines of trade, transforming into their identity. Each of them developed signature music, dance and art forms to tide over the seasonal idle times of the desert. Soulful singing of the Langas and Manganiars, or the beautiful twirling and swaying of the Kalbelias not unlike the cobras that define them. Explore this rich tapestry of art and culture that the desert of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur offer from the inspired precincts of MANVĀR, a homage to the best of the region.  

A woman cooking at a resort in Jodhpur


Much of Rajasthan is a desert, but serendipity laid it down on the Indian Silk Road with caravans from far-off places playing these deserts, bringing their goodness of spices, herbs and more that has enriched the culinary treasure of Rajasthan. Add to this, the heartfelt and open-arm hospitality of the people here created paradise on earth for travellers from all over. This legacy is honoured and heightened today, with connoisseurs flocking to indulge in the richness of this ancient cauldron.


Moti Singh's family, known for generations as guardians of the land and people, seized an opportunity to bring much-needed water to irrigate half of Shergarh Pargana's villages. Moti Singh envisioned MANVĀR as a showcase for the region, promoting cultural preservation and economic upliftment.

The Thar desert, renowned for its ecological richness and diversity, is facing ecological damage due to increased access to underground water. MANVĀR aims to reclaim agricultural land for organic farming while creating a desert shrub forest as a haven for unique flora and fauna.

Blackbucks feeding in the Thar desert

MANVĀR Reserve

400 acres of pristine desert land and dunes have been earmarked as a reserve for desert flora and fauna to flourish. The desert ecosystem is a fragile and beautiful one with highly specialised species of flora and fauna. Elsewhere invading foreign species of flora has undone this fine balance wiping out entire ecosystems. MANVĀR Desert Reserve is dedicated to conserving indigenous species whose interdependence is an experience in itself.

The Legend of Sagat Sagar

Rajasthan has a deep and enduring romance with water and its conservation.

For generations, people have devised innovative ways to preserve and conserve water with a network of underground wells and the more exquisite step-wells that are works of art itself. A recent fortuitous discovery of a large underground water source has led to a green revolution in the desert around MANVĀR. Inspired by similar lore elsewhere, Moti Singh Rathore aspires to create a sanctuary for humans, birds and animals in the precincts of Sagat Sagar.

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