A desert camp influenced by the tenants of Conservation


Moti Singh’s family has a continued, illustrious legacy of being the sentinels of the land and people for generations. A serendipitous event brought a gushing lifeline of water, enough to irrigate half the villages of Shergarh pargana. Moti Singh envisioned MANVĀR as a showcase of the region with cultural conservation and economic emancipation of the populace.

Thar has the place of pride as the most ecologically rich and diverse desert in the world. Access to underground water in the recent past is undoing the shrub based desert wilderness. Although a superficial exuberance of green owing to agricultural practices, it is detrimental to unique flora and fauna of the desert. MANVĀR is on a mission to reclaim some of this agricultural land, repurposing it for organic cultivation of indigenous produce and dairy, while the rest will be eventually turned into a desert shrub forest creating a sanctuary for the niche flora and fauna. 

Blackbucks feeding in the Thar desert-Desert Camp in Jodhpur

MANVĀR Reserve

400 acres of pristine desert land and dunes has been earmarked as a reserve for desert flora and fauna to flourish. The desert ecosystem is a fragile and beautiful one with highly specialised species of flora and fauna. Elsewhere invading foreign species of flora have undone this fine balance wiping out entire ecosystems. MANVĀR Desert Reserve is dedicated to conserving the indigenous species whose interdependence is an experience in itself.

The Legend of Sagat Sagar

Rajasthan has a deep and enduring romance with water and its conservation.

For generations people have devised innovative ways to preserve and conserve water with a network of underground wells and the more exquisite step wells that are works of art itself. A recent fortuitous occurrence of discovering a large source of underground water has led to a green revolution in the desert around MANVĀR. Inspired by a similar lore elsewhere, Moti Singh Rathore aspires to create a sanctuary for humans, birds and animals
in the precincts of Sagat Sagar. 

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