What Does A Desert Safari Experience Feel Like? 

One of the most unique ways of connecting to the great Thar desert, is to go out there and take it all in firsthand! The concept of a desert safari is just a little bit different from a conventional forest safari, owing to the unique conditions and flora and fauna here. We detail out exactly what to expect from a desert safari in Jodhpur, here at our luxury desert camp in Jodhpur.

The Weather:

The first thing to take note of is that it gets toasty on a desert safari! Depending on what time you depart on your experience, desert safaris will generally be quite hot. The exception being night drives, where temperatures plummet among the sand dunes in Jodhpur.

It’s also rather arid out there, so hydration is a key point to remember. Lastly, wearing comfortable, dull colored clothes will help you focus on the various sights to behold and also not make you conspicuous among the wildlife.  

The Ride

Getting around the desert can be done in a number of ways, but the most exciting methods are in the form of a 4x4 jeep, or atop a camel, like a true nomad of the desert! 4x4s are retrofitted with special tyres to be able to access the more challenging parts of the desert with ease, and they are also modified so that easy access to stand up and view the wild is possible.

While this is fun in its own right, a camel ride through the desert is a more holistic experience. Camel rides are more leisurely, slow paced and give you the chance to spot wildlife easier. Since camels are usually accompanied by their herders, be assured of long interesting conversations with these charming people!  

The Wild

Lastly, the wildlife around our luxury desert camp in Jodhpur. Despite being a desert, we have nearly 140 species of migrant birds, 20 species of snakes, 25 species of reptiles, and nearly 50 species of mammals. From the enigmatic Blackbuck to the Spiny Tailed Desert Lizard to the shy Desert Fox, life among the sand dunes of Jodhpur is diverse and in plenty. So when you come to our luxury desert camp n Jodhpur, be assured that there’s always something to see among the sands of the mighty Thar desert!

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