The Undying Love Tale Of Rajasthan - Dhola Maroo 

Rajasthan is known for stories of valour, courage and love. Men and women are known to have been chivalrous and brave during battle. The stories of their bravery have been passed down through generations in the form of dance, song and even puppet shows. When you travel to our resort in Jodhpur, you will hear innumerable folktales passed on through centuries.

Dhola Maroo is a gripping love story of a Narwar prince and a Poogal princess of Rajasthan. This folk tale of love is deeply imbued in the traditions of Rajasthan. There are various versions of this story recited as a poem or as prose, even today. This story popularly told in and around our resort in Jodhpur is said to have been found from a 1473 manuscript. This love story shows the essence and true notion of Rajasthani and Rajput history.

This gripping folk tale is of Dhola, a prince from a place called Narwar, near our resort in Jodhpur, who married Maroo, a Pogal princess in their childhood.
As years went by, Dhola's father, King Nal, died, and Dhola married Malwani, completely forgetting his marriage with Maroo.
Maroo sent out messages to her childhood love and kept waiting for Dhola's response. Malwani doesn't allow the message to reach Dhola and ensures he completely forgets about Maroo.

The king of Poogal, in an attempt to rekindle Dhola's memory of Maroo, cleverly sends a folk singer to Narwar. These folk singers then remind Dhola of his marriage to Maroo, and Dhola is faced with regret for forgetting his childhood beloved.

Dhola is also faced with challenges put across by Malwani and Umar Sumar, who was keen on marrying Maroo. Dhola finally arrives at Poogal and meets Maroo. He apologises profusely to her and her parents and sets out on the journey to bring her back with him to Narwar.

When Dhola and Maroo are on their way back to Narwar, unfortunately, Maroo is bitten by a snake and Dhola unable to process the grief and pain of losing his beloved; he plans to jump into the funeral pyre and join his love. Just when he was prepared to die with his poisoned wife, a group of saints stopped him and claimed to bring his love back to life.

With incantations, magical powers and rhythmic hymns, the group of Yogis bring Maroo back to life.  

Overjoyed, the couple set off. The saints also offer them a flying camel for their journey. As they make their way, Umar Sumar attempts to kill Dhola yet again. But this time, Dhola and Maroo escape in the nick of time with a flying camel.

After crossing innumerable hurdles, they finally make their way to the Kingdom of Narwar. People are thrilled to see them, and Malwani repents her mistakes and accepts Maroo as her kin.
And thus, they all lived happily ever after and Dhola and Maroo are known for how the love they had for each other overcame all the difficulties they faced. Even today, the people who stay near our resort in Jodhpur chant praises of Dhola and Maroo’s love for each other. 

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