Of Culture, Colors and Kites: Some Of The Best Festivals Of Rajasthan! 

The land of many traditions and tales of the past, Rajasthan is the melting pot of a multitude of faiths that celebrate festivals in style. All throughout the year, there are various occasions to mark some of the more significant events of Rajasthan. In this post, we’d like to share some of the must-see festivals and attractions in Jaisalmer that happen during the year! 

The Annual Kite Festival:  

One of the oldest hobbies in ancient India, since the time of the Maharajas, was flying kites. Even royalty used to fly these simple but elegant toys, and battles between kites was a common sight. The Kite festival of Rajasthan commemorates this. Originally started in 1997, the Kite festivals happen during Makar Sankranti, the harvest period, and are some of the most visually exhilarating attractions in Jaisalmer. Scores of kites in the air, some made by expert kite makers who have been in the craft for decades. There are usually bets placed for the dogfights in the sky, and the winner is the one who successfully cuts off the string of the opponent’s kite.

Certainly a festival that you must take part in when you stay at our luxury desert camp

Pushkar Camel Fair: 

Life in Rajasthan revolves around camels and the hard work they undertake for the locals, and so these ships of the desert are revered in Rajasthan. Once a year, during October or November, the Raikas, legendary herders of camels in Rajasthan, take part in a multiday camel fair where some of the best breeds of camels are put on display and auctioned for. Camel racing is another popular sport that showcases the best breeds among the diverse selection of animals. The Pushkar fair is a jolly event with fanfare and delight, that also turns into a pilgrimage trip for many Hindus who visit the Pushkar lake to spiritually cleanse themselves of sin. 


Holi is a nationwide celebrated festival, but Rajasthan takes the celebrations to a much higher level. To begin with, the locals celebrate Braj Holi, a festival preceding the main occasion. Braj Holi is meant to commemorate the unison of lord Krishna and Radha, and the entire state celebrates with song, dance and gaiety. When visiting, do not forget to try out a few steps of the famed Rasleela dance, one of the biggest attractions in Jaisalmer, and Rajasthan in general! 

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