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Planning The Best Jodhpur Desert Itinerary

Life or at least the pattern of human settlements around the desert is eerily similar to a land rich in verdancy, say the Western Ghats of India, the Corn fields of America, the highlands of Scotland and more. Wondering what we are talking about? The richness of land there necessitates that more of it is under cultivation and so the hamlets and villages are set miles apart. On the contrary desert country of Rajasthan, owing to the minimal availability of resources, settlements get spaced out.

Manvar Desert Camp and Luxury Resort in Thar, is fortunately located at the trifecta of three great ancient cities and kingdoms, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer. Starting out from Manvar, any direction you head out, with an hour or two of driving distance, you will reach a major historical town or city, with innumerable places of interest along the way. One such is Jodhpur and here let us explore a few things one must see and do when in this city with an imposing citadel. 

A tour of Jodhpur

If you step out of our desert camp in Rajasthan and take the right onto NH125, you’ll drive a short two hours until you chance upon a sea of marvellous indigo blue. This is Jodhpur, with the imposing, awe-inspiring presence of Mehrangarh Fort keeping a watchful eye over the city.   

Being a desert camp near Jodhpur gives you the opportunity to have the definitive Rajasthan experience. On your next Rajasthan holiday, you can make use of this suggestive itinerary that includes both a traditional desert experience at our desert camp near Jodhpur along with a heritage experience in Jodhpur

Experiencing Jodhpur: 

The iconic Blue City of India is swathed in history and an old-world charm that is seldom seen elsewhere. Jodhpur has always been an integral part of Rajasthan, being the capital of the Marwar Kingdom in the 15th century. This unique statesmanship is what led to the mighty citadel of Mehrangarh Fort and smaller fortresses of Jodhpur. A monument whose praises do it little justice. Mehrangarh truly is the towering jewel of Jodhpur. Mehrangarh is where Jodhpur’s story began, and continues to this date: A large number of people and communities continue to call the fortress walls their home. A must-visit among the things to see in Jodhpur. Read more about Mehrangarh Fort on our Blog.

Along with forts, Jodhpur is known for its numerous Havelis; palatial mansions dotted throughout the region. Havelis are where some of Rajasthan’s most iconic lives have been led and on your trip to Rajasthan, they are often the best way to step back in time to glean insights on Rajasthan’s history. For a cultural experience intertwined with a luxury dining experience inside an 18th-century Haveli, a visit to RAAS Jodhpur is a must. Overlooking Mehrangarh, one gets a sense of true Rajasthani hospitality at Raas as you tuck into some classic Rajasthani fare at the boutique restaurant inside this heritage property.

Finally, before your return back to our desert camp near Jodhpur take a stroll through Jodhpur’s markets and old quarters that are now an amalgamation of the old and the new give you a sense of the heyday of this bustling oasis of the desert and how the lives of its inhabitants have changed.  

Visiting Osian: 

As you return to our desert camp near Jodhpur, something out in the desert alludes to you. A whisper in the ear of times even before the Marwar people of Rajasthan established their presence in the region. You take a left off the highway and venture slowly to the ancient village of Osiyan!

Primarily a pilgrimage centre for followers of Jainism, Osiyan is home to temples that are as old as the 8th century. From being a major trading centre and a resting place for caravans roaming across the desert, it eventually turned into a major pilgrimage destination for both locals and the Marwaris who eventually took over the region. A majority of temples were destroyed by the Mughals in the 12th century, but you can still see traces of the old times in this quaint town, along with some 10 to 15 temples still in the region.  

Visiting Jawai:

Further downwards from our desert camp near Jodhpur, the landscape slowly begins to change. Pristine desert sand slowly starts giving way to untouched magnificent rock formations, giving rise to scrub jungle and a plethora of wildlife within the landscape. Such craggly landscapes are also the favourite haunt of one feline in particular. For the ultimate safari experience in Rajasthan, you cannot miss out on visiting Sujan Jawai, an inspired heritage property at the foothills of the Aravallis. The wildlife experiences and exquisite dining experience at Sujan Jawai provides a wonderful experience that may seem similar but is quite different from our own desert camp in Jodhpur!

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