Two Places In Jaisalmer That Will Complete Your Trip To Rajasthan

The enigmatic state of Rajasthan holds within it a multitude of experiences that will leave in your heart a newfound love for this region and its colorful, delightful people. Jaisalmer, the Golden city of Rajasthan, is no exception to the rule. Home to some of Rajasthan’s most iconic sights, Jaisalmer city is located at a convenient 3 hour drive from our desert camp and resort, and is the perfect destination to explore. We talk about some of the best places in Jaisalmer that you cannot miss when planning your next trip to Rajasthan!  

Jaisalmer Fort

Probably the most iconic attraction in Jaisalmer, the Jaisalmer Fort is a testament to the might of the rajputs, and today stands towering above Jaisalmer city, visible from all corners. The fort was originally where the entire city was nestled into, 800 years ago.

It was primarily built around the old city to ward off attacks from the Delhi Sultans in the 13th century, before losing control of the fort to Maharawal Mulraj of the Mughals nearly 500 years later. Even today, the fort region is home to a vast number of people from the Rajput and Brahmin communities, and its large walls belay many stories about the Rajput era. The fort is also home to 7 beautiful Jain Temples that are said to contain nearly 600 idols together.

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Another iconic attraction in Jaisalmer that has a troubled past, Kuldhara is an abandoned village around 20km from the city center. The village used to be a vibrant one when Brahmin settlers in the early 12th century chose this sight to make their new homes. Eventually, nearly 700 houses in total were built from the ground up, and the land thrived. However, there was a dwindling water supply, and legend has it that the town was troubled by a tyrannic minister. Whatever the true reason, the villagers eventually started deserting their homes in the 17th century, until there was no one left, leaving Kuldhara in its current state of abandonment. Stories of Kuldhara being a haunted destination eventually brought it to the limelight, and the government of Rajasthan eventually decided to spread awareness of the location in 2010. Today, Kuldhara is a popular sight to get a taste of ancient architecture and a small hint of how people lived in the days of old.

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