Things to do at Gadisar Lake

The stunning Gadisar Lake is located outside of Jaisalmer in the dry state of Rajasthan. It resembles an oasis in the middle of a desert. There were no irrigation systems, canals, or other modern means of bringing water to Rajasthan’s desert regions back in the middle times. Raja Rawal Jaisal constructed this reservoir while considering the requirements of his subjects. The lake, which lies beside Jaisalmer’s fort, offers a simple diversion from the scorching, dry desert climate. Especially when the eastern sky is blood red and the sun rises, casting its rays on the upper floors of Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake gives stunning views of the lake and the nearby fort. 


Make your vacation more memorable by staying at our Luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer while you experience Gadisar Lake and the number of activities it offers and some of which are: 


The Tillon Gate

When you arrive at Gadisar Lake, the gate of Tillon, which welcomes you to the lake’s lovely surroundings, is the first thing you see. It is an intricately carved archway on luscious yellow sandstone that creates a grand entrance to Lake Gadisar. Around the latter few years of the 19th century, a royal courtesan of the then-ruler of Jaisalmer constructed and placed it. A statue of Lord Vishnu was placed at the gate much later, in 1908, to designate it as a Krishna temple and prevent it from being demolished by the then Maharawal. Tillon ka Pol has withstood the test of time and is a testament to Jaisalmer’s rich artistic legacy.


Riding a boat

Depending on the mode of transportation you select, different boat rides are priced differently. They will take you around the lake so you may experience the true serenity it offers alone or with your closest friends and family members, away from the bank crowd. It goes without saying that trying to look down from the boat or sitting with your legs out would be unsafe.


Giving Fish Food

The lake is teeming with shoals of scuffling catfish, which frequently congregate near the bank in a group if they sense a human presence in the hopes of finding food. People often engage in the daily practice of feeding the fish on the bank above with small dry foods like biscuit pieces or puffed rice.


Beautiful views

The lake offers a stunning scene to capture with your eyes or camera. The lovely lake provides a tranquil and pleasant setting in which to spend an hour or two. If not, you can stroll around the lake on the promenade and take pictures of it from various perspectives. It is thought that morning are ideal for taking photos, particularly of the sunrise.


If you’re a contemplative traveler who enjoys observing and exploring, the tranquillity of the lake will settle your spirit. Chhatris, or raised platforms in the middle of the lake, are scattered across the lake area. These were likely utilized by kings or other royalties to enjoy the lake in privacy. Along the embankment, there are more temples and ghats with stairs that are spaced irregularly.


Capturing Jaisalmer’s Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort may be seen in the distance; when the sun’s first rays touch its peak, a mysterious game of lights and shadows is created that is mesmerizing to experience while staying in a desert camp near Jodhpur. Take a picture of the frame to save it as a reminder of your trip to Jaisalmer. Carry a high-quality wide-angle lens to capture the lake’s entire splendor and that of its environs.


Bird Observation

Winter visitors staying in a Luxury desert camp in Jodhpur will frequently see migrating birds fly to the lake from the neighboring Bharatpur bird sanctuary and perch there or on the platforms in the middle of the lake. Visitors are in awe of their unique beauty, and if they’re lucky, one might even be seen hunting fish. Bring binoculars with you to ensure that you don’t miss this chance.