Marwar Festival

Rajasthan is a state known for its fabulous royal residences and strongholds, rich history, brilliant clothing types, warm and inviting individuals and mouth-watering foods. Like some other conspicuous Indian states, Rajasthan additionally has its one-of-a-kind assortment of diverse and beautiful celebrations lasting throughout the year; one of the most striking of every one of them is the Marwar Celebration celebrated in the city of Jodhpur. Marwar festival of Jodhpur, Rajasthan was initially known as the Maand festival. The celebration is held in the long stretch of Ashwin, a Hindu month between September-October. The Marwar festival is celebrated during the full moon of Sharad Poornima and happens for two days.


The primary fascination of this celebration is the society music focused on the heartfelt way of life of Rajasthan’s rulers. The music and dance of the Marwar locale are the main themes of this celebration. The society artists and vocalists gather at the celebration and give exuberant diversion. These society craftsmen give others a look into the times from past times, of fights and of the legends who live on through their tunes.


Among the different attractions at the celebration, the camel tattoo show and Mr. and Miss Marwar Rivalry are the most exciting. The venue of this celebration incorporates the renowned Mehrangarh Post, Clock Pinnacle, Umaid Bhawan Palace, and Mandore.
Also, experience the desert camp in Jodhpur while you enjoy the festival.

Performances and Attires of the Marwar Festival
The celebration being a festival of folk art, music and dance give the utmost importance to the bright ensembles of the entertainers. There are traditional costumes of Rajasthan that structure a significant component of every performance. Here are the most iconic ones;


1. Dandi Gair

The Dandi Gair dance is performed in a huge circle surrounded by singers and musicians. All kinds of people participate in this dance structure and are one of the central attractions of the celebrations. The ladies are enhanced in brilliant-hued skirts that are matched with similarly shaded blouses and have dupattas hung on their heads that stream towards the back. The men wear striking red tunics that stream out into erupting skirts, making a special impact during the roundabout dance moves. This is combined with red conventional churidar jeans and huge saffron-shaded turbans.


2. Kalbelia

One more attraction of the celebration that ought not to be missed is the Kalbelia dance which is generally performed by the nearby snake charmer local area of the district. The ladies dance while claiming to be enchanted by the snake charmer men and copy snake-like movements praising their special business.

The women as standard are hung in lehenga cholis in a dark variety base. Yet, various sparkling embellishments that make a mirror impact, are brightened with customary ‘Gota Patti’ work. The ladies likewise enhance themselves in various silver gems and finish bangles. The men normally wear long shirts that go beneath the abdomen, combined with conventional dhoti bottoms.


3. Ghoomar

One of the most well-known dance types of Rajasthan likewise portrayed in the cinema and famous for the festival is the fundamental fascination of the Marwar festival. The actual word portrays what the dance structure portrays; ghoomar signifies ‘to turn’. The principal excellence of the dance is in the flair of the enormous skirts of the ladies that sparkle with light, decorated with gold and silver weaving. The ladies likewise wear beautiful glass bangles that structure a significant piece of the celebration.


Some other well-known dance structures include Bhavai and Chari. Bhavai is a gymnastic dance structure where ladies balance huge quantities of dish sets and blades on top of their heads. Chari celebrates the existence of ladies in the desert place, as they portray through dance their long quest for savouring water in the dry land, adjusting metal pots on their heads that shine with their dance moves.