The Spectacular Phool Mahal in Jodhpur



The Phool Mahal is located in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, near Jodhpur. The Mahal is the Mehrangarh Fort’s most ornately decorated Hall. The palace’s ceiling is delicately carved and beautifully crafted. Previously, the hall was utilised by the palace’s female dancers. The hall was completely decked with colourful, attractive, and fragrant flowers, hence it was named Phool Mahal Palace after the flower known as Phool in Hindi.


Phool Mahal


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The Rajput Hindu ruler of Jodhpur constructed the exquisite palace known as the Phool Mahal, or Palace of Flowers. This was a gathering place for exclusive guests like the royal family members of the king or queen inside Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort.


The ceiling is lavishly adorned with mirror work and gold filigree. The portraits of the Jodhpur dynasty’s predecessors are also located along the lower side, close to the ceiling.


The walls are decorated with various themes of Indian classical music, regal portraits, and incarnations of Vishnu and Goddess Durga.


From the entrance, I could see that the Phool Mahal is painted with exquisite colours, a golden sheen, an elegant ceiling, and stained glass windows and screens.


The queen’s area is similarly lavishly designed, and it includes the Chausar game, a forerunner to the present Ludo and Chess games.


The Phool Mahal is without a doubt Mehrangarh Fort’s finest palace.


Where to Stay


Manvar Desert camp near jodhpur, located in the heart of Rajasthan, provides guests with a choice of air-conditioned bungalows as well as an outdoor swimming pool. The property is located on a sand dune and is a 2-hour journey from Jodhpur.


It is around 100 kilometres from Jodhpur’s nearest airport and railway station. Airport transport is available for an extra fee.


All of the rooms at Manvar Desert camp have a fan, a closet, and a seating space. Each guestroom has a private bathroom with shower amenities. Air conditioning is available in the rooms.


How to Reach


As usual, auto rickshaws or shared Tuk-Tuks will transport you to the fort from the city cente. You may also drive your vehicle to the fort and park for a fee.


Fast Facts


Timetable: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Parking costs INR 50.

Entry to the fort and museums is INR 250.

Camera Fees: None


Monument Suggestions


  • Audio tours are offered in the museum and throughout the fort, with tickets available at the entry.
  • Tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted on the fort grounds, so leave them in your cars or at your hotel.
  • Bring lots of water because you’ll be walking a great distance in a large region, and the climate surrounding Jodhpur is dry even in winter. In the summer, it may get rather hot.

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