Kaylana Lake

Kaylana Lake, located 8 kilometres west of Jodhpur, is a vast constructed lake with 84 square kilometres. It was built in 1872 by Pratap Singh and serves as the city of Jodhpur’s and surrounding communities’ principal supply of drinking water. This lake, located in a serene setting, is a must-see for most travellers travelling between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. It’s also a great place to see the sunset in Jodhpur.

The beautiful lake is bordered by Babul trees, hills, and rock formations, providing visitors with various scenic views. A favourite of bird lovers, the lake is home to a variety of bird species who come to escape the heat of Rajasthan while enjoying the cool wind. During the winter, the Siberian Crane can also be seen here. Visitors can hire a boat to properly explore the area or have picnics by the lake if they want to relax in a peaceful and beautiful setting. Kaylana Lake is an excellent starting point for visiting the Machia Biological Park, the Machiya Fort, and various Shiva temples in the Jodhpur area. These locations are all within a 5-kilometre radius of the lake’s edge while you have a Jodhpur experience.




The area around Kaylana Lake is bordered by Babool (Acacia) trees, which attract a variety of migratory species such as Siberian Cranes. The area was previously a hunting zone for the Rajas due to its abundant animals. Kaylana Lake, which is surrounded by volcanic rock formations, gets its water from the adjacent Hathi Neher and Indira Gandhi Canals. The water is then discharged into the Takhat Sagar and the Umaid Bhawan Sagar.


Interesting Facts

Pratap Singh demolished existing gardens and castles built by monarchs Bhim Singh and Takhat Singh in prehistoric times to construct the artificial lake. Hati Canal, the lake’s principal inflow, is really connected to Indira Gandhi Canal. Takhat Sagar and Umaid Sagar are the lake’s principal outflows.


Things to do

Trek to the Shiv Mandir, which is close by.

Take a boat cruise to see a breathtaking sunset.

Enjoy bird watching since you may see some of the world’s most unusual and exotic birds here.

Relax in the tranquil setting while admiring the stunning natural beauty.

Put some food in a basket and go on a picnic in the middle of nature’s bounty.


Best time to visit

Kaylana Lake is located near the Thar desert in Jodhpur, which means the weather is scorching all year. The greatest time to visit the lake is between October and March, during the winter months. The weather is generally favourable, and you may have a great time.


How to reach

The lake is roughly 8 kilometres from Jodhpur’s city centre. If you’re driving, the route that leads to Chapasani Road is an option. State-run buses, shared autos from the bus stop, and rickshaws are readily available. Alternatively, you might hire a taxi or a cab.

If you’re driving to Jaisalmer and don’t want to stop, you may simply relax in the car and enjoy the fresh breeze coming from the lake by rolling down the windows. Both domestic and international tourists frequent the area. However, it will never be overcrowded. You can always look for solitude and tranquillity in this place, which is extremely rare nowadays. The city’s only source of drinking water is Kaylana Lake. It provides a supply of fresh water to the local settlements of Jodhpur and the surrounding areas, in addition to being a prominent tourist destination in Jodhpur.

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