Rajasthani Cuisine

The Rajwadi land of Rajputs is a culinary paradise. Rajasthani cuisine is one of the few that can boast an endless platter of dishes, ranging from tangy drinks to spicy starters, mouthwatering sabzis, crunchy bread, and added delights like chutneys, achars, papad, and chhach in Jaisalmer resorts. Not to mention the delicate desserts and decadent crunchy delights that instantly melt in your mouth.

Rajasthani Cuisine in Jaisalmer resorts

Rajasthani cuisine is shaped by the state’s rich history and arid climate. Their cuisine is distinct due to the scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Beans, lentils, gram flour, corn, barley, millet, bajra, bread, and dairy products are the most commonly used ingredients (esp. Ghee). Although vegetarian cuisine is more popular, various meat dishes are also popular in Jaisalmer desert camp.

Dal Bati Churma is a traditional Rajasthani dish.

Rajasthani Food Source, Dal Baati, Rajasthani Cuisine

This well-known Rajasthani dish requires no explanation. Rajasthani dal bati churma is famous for its crunchy batis dipped in ghee and spicy daal and sweet churma.

Mohan Thaal Mohan Thal

Mohan Thaal is a sweet dish made with besan and dry fruits that is unique to Rajasthan. Ghee’s aroma and flavour are the icings on the cake! This royal dessert is equally royal in its ability to astonish food chevaliers.

Maas Laal

Rajasthani Food Source, Laal Maas, Rajasthani Cuisine

One of the most common non-vegetarian platter components, Laal maas, gets its colour from hot red chillies. The meat is cooked in a spicy gravy made with tomatoes, chillies, and other spices. Don’t miss out on Rajasthan’s spicy yet delicious cuisine the next time you visit this vibrant state.

Kachori de Mawa

Mawa Kachori Source, Rajasthani Food Source, Rajasthani Cuisine Source

Have you heard of Kachoris? Yes, the Rajwadi land has an answer for you! Jodhpur’s mawa kachoris are a must-try dish in Rajasthan. These kachoris are stuffed with mawa and served hot with crispy dry fruits, making your mornings sweet and perfect!

Bada Mirchi

Rajasthani Food Source, Mirchi Bada, Rajasthani Cuisine

Mirchi badas, another Rajasthani snack, are the ideal accompaniment to evening tea or morning breakfast. The hot and spicy badas are absolutely delectable.

Mohan Maas

Rajasthani Food Source, Mohan Maas, Rajasthani Food

Mohan maas is a delicately cooked meat dish, another royal component of the non-vegetarian platter. Mohan maas is a Rajwadi version of meaty delights stuffed with dry fruits cooked in milk and cream before being garnished with cardamom and cinnamon.


Rajasthan’s lion gate is also known for its kalakand, a soft and delicious Mawa dish. Kalakand, an ancient sweet dish from Alwar, is a divine delicacy.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki kachoris are delicious kachoris stuffed with onions and spices and garnished with chutneys and dahi and are a popular breakfast snack in Rajasthan.

Gatte is a popular Rajasthani dish.

Gatte preparations abound in Rajasthan, and traditional Rajasthani food platters are almost incomplete without them. Gattes covered in spicy gravy are known as Shahi Gatte or Masala Gatte. Gatte pulao is a festive dish in which gattes replace vegetables and is served with Mangodi ki Daal or Kadhi.


Kadhi is the most popular but versatile Indian dish. Rajasthani kadhi, typically made with besan and pakodis, is much spicier and more delicious. This is Rajasthan’s most famous dish.