5 Must visit places in Osian

5 Must visit places in Osian

Known for its rocky and jagged landscape and graceful sand dunes, Osian is less than a two-hour drive from Manvar Resort in Jodhpur. An absolute visual treat for the eyes with sparkling sand, gushing wind, and desert plants, Osian is one of the most mesmerizing locations in Rajasthan. If you truly want to experience the remote desert life and a spiritual trip, visit Osian which is located at the edge of the Thar desert.

Osian called Khajuraho of Rajasthan, a temple town is known for its religious significance. You find some of the most intricately carved and restored Jain and Hindu Temples. Here is a list of places to visit in Osian which you can plan while staying in Manvar, our resort in Jodhpur.

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Sachiya Mata Temple: Parmar King Upendre built the temple for his Kuldevi in the 9th to 10th century CE. Historically Maa Jagat Bhawani Shri Sachchiyay Mataji was also called Shri Osiya Mataji. There is a mythological association to the temple. Goddess Sachi was the daughter of the Asura king Pauloma and is worshipped there by Kshatriya Swarnakar (Kulthiya families), Marwadi, Oswal, Maheshwari, Karnawat, and Mahecha Rajputs(Maru Kansara Soni from Beraja-Kutch). Panwar Rajputs/Parmar Rajputs, Kumawat, Oswal, Charans, Jains, Pareek Brahmins, and many other castes living in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and North India. An archaeological team had found samples, paintings, and statues there. Depictions included the ancient deity of Harihar (half Shiva and half Vishnu), Vasudeva with baby Krishna on his head, Krishna fighting with a horse, Kalidaman, Govardhan Dharan, the killing of Putna, and Krishna stealing butter along with images of Balram as the incarnation of Seshnaga.

The outer surrounding of this temple has undergone a modern makeover but the inner sanctum and periphery are still well maintained. It is a must-visit for heritage lovers.

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Surya Temple: Dedicated to the Sun God, Surya, this temple has the idol of Lord Surya. The temple has intricate carvings on the wall and the ceiling, customarily you will find the carvings, paintings, and images of the gods related to the main deity. There are images of coiling serpents around the lotuses are there on the ceiling of the temple. Beneath this, the life story of Lord Krishna is portrayed. The magnificent architecture of this temple speaks a lot about the craftsmanship of the past era.

Kali Temple: Kali Temple as the name suggests is dedicated to Goddess Kali who is a symbol of strength, intensity, and empowerment. This Temple was constructed back in the 8th century AD. The architecture of the temple is not as beautiful as the other temples in Osian, but the location makes the visit worth it.

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The Mahavir Temple: An important pilgrimage of the Oswal Jain community, this temple is the oldest surviving Jain Tirtha in Western India and belongs to the Swetambara sect of Jainism. It was built by King Vatsaraja in 783 AD. The idol of Mahavira was found buried at the temple site. The temple was robbed by Muslim rulers, and none of the original diety idols survived. The temple was restored in 1016 CE and a Mahastambha was established. It is in close proximity to the Sachiya Mata Temple. Revel in the divinity of the beautiful temple and enjoy the stunning architecture.

Harihara Temple: Built in the 8th century AD, the three earliest temples were dedicated to the Harihar form of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu which depicts the dual aspect of life-giver and destroyer. A wonderfully carved mandap featuring in the temple is the most attractive part. Along with the temple is a Ganesha pillar and ‘baori’. The temples are west-facing and are standing on a terrace which is a sign of Panchayatan class.

Other than these prominent temples, there are few more historic and religious sites to visit and experience Rajasthan, Thar desert specifically in its truest form. Visit Manvar, our resort in Jodhpur, and plan a trip to Osian. Stay at our desert camp or Luxury camp at Jodhpur and experience a camel or jeep safari. Visit places around Manvar and get the best memories of Rajasthan, India.